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The sound attenuated ventilation unit is a quite silent device that has been cleverly engineered to bring in a constant flow of draught-free fresh purified air into your property at the same time as holding back external noise. They have proven themselves to be a worthy addition to any home, especially those located in noisy areas such as near an airport, close to a busy road or railway.

The sound insulated ventilator can move larger quantities of air, which allows you to keep your windows permanently closed while still receiving fresh clean air in your property. In turn, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. It keeps your ambient air clean while the window is closed and with this, provides you with fresh air free from any unwanted noise. The dust filter will diminish even the finest dust and purifies the air up to four times every hour. Regardless of how polluted the air is outside, at least indoors you can breathe healthily.

The constant air supply from the ventilator can prevent excessive moisture from forming and alleviate symptoms of condensation and mould. This small device runs as quiet as a whisper and is very energy efficient. It is ascetically pleasing with its inconspicuous and contemporary design, it will blend in well with all furnishings in every habitable space in your home.

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